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A free Keto Diet Journal printable

Hello, this is a freebie for all you Keto folks

It is a basic Keto journal that you can print out in your own time with your own printer. Now this may sound like its pointless but too many people its important to keep track of a variety of things that can impact your diet and lifestyle whether its the actual food you consume, how much water or other liquids you take and how do you feel on a particular day.

This is the actual journal page

It comprises of 2 parts, a progress tracker page where you can measure parts of you body and log the measurements if you desire and the main part is a daily journal.

This daily journal has various parts that you can fill in which you can see in the image above. The date and whether its a fasting day (we will have a separate freebie for that soon)

Then there are various boxes and sections you can fill in – these are

Today I feel…, Time asleep, time awake, quality of sleep, your weight, how many glasses of water

Have you had any hungers or cravings

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks where you can enter the macros – if you have them. These are Protein, Carbs, Fats and Calories

There is also a note section at the bottom where you can add any particular details of the day that you need to remember, always handy to look back at a certain day and see if you did something right or wrong.



This comes in a couple of options in the download

The keto journal is a single pdf file – just in case you just want to print that out multiple times

We have also made a document with  the progress tracker on page one and we have made a number of duplicates of the journal page – 19 pages in total. There is a pdf supplied and a pptx (powerpoint) file.

So if you have power point you can edit the source file to your hearts content. You can download from a generic store we want – its free

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