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What to drink while intermittent fasting

By definition, fasting is when you refrain form eating or drinking any calories.

You should keep this in mind that for total fasting, anything that causes an enzymic effect will break a fast

What drinks to avoid when fasting

There are some fasting plans that limit the amount and what you can drink during a fast.

However, most intermittent fasting plans let you drink as many fluids as you like – as long as they are calorie-free.

OK, so what drinks should I avoid.

Alcohol : Alcohol can dehydrate your body and spike your blood sugar levels. I’ve seen a couple of sites say you can drink Wine as it helps, doubt that. So avoid.

Fruit juice : contain a ‘lot’ of natural and sometimes added sugar

Dairy products or milk substitutes

Sugary drinks : obvious this one, its a good idea to cut this back anyway

Sweetened drinks : I have read a couple of IF sites that say you can drink ‘diet’ drinks and others say no. Diet drinks contain no calories, sugar, or carbs, but research suggests that common sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame-K may raise your insulin levels. Other sweeteners may also have the same impact – so stay awy if not 100% sure is my recommendation.

Almond and Nut Milks : Sound healthy don’t they but Almond milk will definitely break your fast. It contains carbohydrates and has between 30 to 80 calories per 8 ounces

Coconut water : Another super healthy option right, sorry but coconut water averages around 9.5 grams of sugar per serving.

As a very basic rule of thumb, it’s normally best to avoid anything that contains either a lot of calories, sugar, flavourings, or add-ons such as sweeteners

OK, so what drinks can I have then?

The most obvious answer is that you can drink plenty of water or calorie-free options during your fasts, this can be a great way to keep the hunger at bay.

Thankfully, there are a lot of drinks that are suitable to choose from.

Safe Drinks

Water and sparkling water : which you can flavour with fresh lime or lemon. You can also add cucumber, berries or if you enoy cold tea infusions, thats an option as well.
Drinking water is essential for regulating your body temperature, keeping joints lubricated, preventing infections, delivering nutrients to cells, and keeping your organs functioning properly and that’s just some of the benefits

Mineral Water : I’ve put this is as a separate item, Mineral water manufacturers bottle their water at the source, so it contains natural minerals and trace elements you won’t find in distilled or tap water;. The exact mineral composition of the water varies. During a fast you lose minerals, so this can ‘top them up’ a little.

This is the reason why its recommended that you drink 11 cups of water a day for women and 16 cups on average for men. About 2 litres – there are water drinking apps available. Just find a liter bottle and sip away, you get ones with measurements and markings to help.

Coffee : usually best enjoyed black but this can contain caffeine, so some people may need to be careful

Tea : without milk or sugar, some people can experience discomfort drinking tea on an empty stomach though.

Green Tea : there are a few other benefits from drinking this such as potential weight loss, I encourage you to investigate these.

White tea : a lot easier to drink than green tea in my experience.

Matcha Tea : even more benefits than Green Tea but harder going drinking this in my experience.

Bone broth : is a rich source of minerals, and helps replenish electrolytes, which can be lost when you are fasting. It is also a great source of collagen, which will restore and repair the gut lining.
Bone broth does contain protein, which can cause an insulin spike and break a fast. However, the calorie content is considerably low, so it will keep you in ketosis.

Apple Cider Vinegar : has a variety of health benefits — can aid digestion, helps to improve insulin sensitivity, lowers blood glucose and increases satiety (makes you feel full). Apple cider vinegar is basically water, acetic acid and probiotics. It has a very minor calorie content and won’t break your fast. You need to dilute about 1 to 2 tablespoons in still or sparkling water. It can be an acquired taste – to put it mildly. Buy Apple Cider Vinegar that contains ‘the mother’.

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